Recent studies on the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet conclude that the consumption of four tablespoons of olive oil a day keep the doctor at bay (see our Facebook page).  The number one question from american consumers seems to be how to use raw, quality olive so that one can appreciate both the taste and reap the health benefits?  Use it as a finishing topper, dribble it over one of the following just before serving:

Steamed Broccoli          Boiled Potatoes     White Beans   Mild Cheeses   Granola (w/honey)   Saurkraut

Roasted, Grilled Meats   Bread   Brown Rice   Quinoa   Raw Mushrooms   Cannelini Soup   Lentil Salad, Soup

Beet Salad   Kale Sauteed & Salad   Greek Salad   Sliced TomatoesHummusBruschetta   Grilled Vegetables

Arugula & Fig Salad   Florentine Steak   RibollitaSpaghetti   PizzaWinter & Summer Squash   Green Beans