Olio Nuovo

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Known in Italy as Olio Nuovo (New Oil), this oil is bottled immediately following the processing of olives at the mill.  The oil is only available shortly after harvest. The cloudy quality of the oil is due to the presence of some residual water and olive particles that are allowed to settle out before bottling of typical extra virgin olive oils. We typically only bottle a few cases per year thus supplies are limited.


The taste of Olio Nuovo is unique and unlike that of the finished oils. It has bright, pungent aromas of parsley, cut grass, basil and artichoke with a slightly peppery finish.  It is the healthiest of the olive oils as it delivers a higher level of polyphenols--the chemical substance in plants that may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.


Olio Nuovo is best used right away as it has a shorter shelf life than the settled oil. Try to use it within three months. The particulate matter will settle out in that time. Many chefs use it for dressing fresh vegetables or boiled potatoes. It is highly recommended for finishing dishes. Add a dribble over the top just before serving. Use it like Mediterranean Catsup, as a topper.