Come on out and help plant some olive trees! Experience what it is like to plant a tree that can live to be more than a thousand years old. In addition realize that over the life of this tree it will sequester hundreds of TONS of carbon in the soil. A personal carbon offset if you will. We have 28 trees available for adoption.

The adopt a tree/plant a tree is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 18. Holes have been pre-dug and gopher baskets are in place so there won't be very much manual labor required. Each tree will be labeled with your name or family. Adopt an olive tree subscriptions will be renewed annually. This could be a longtime relationship. Visitation will only be available on designated U-pick days. Your tree will be available for only you to pick from prior to the oil harvest.

In addition we will conduct a tour of the grove and offer samples of both olive oil and cured olives for you to taste.

Olive oil purchase is part of the plan and there are different options based on what you prefer at our online store.