375 ml dos aguilas extra virgin olive oil

1/4 oz./7 grams good quality cannabis buds



1. Use a coffee grinder to grind buds to powder. Grind a bit at a time to a fine powder. (You will need dedicated grinder as they are impossible to clean and use for anything else after grinding cannabis.)

2. Place cannabis powder in 1 pint mason canning jar and pour over olive oil. Place jar in saucepan of water so that it is two thirds submerged to fashion a double boiler of sorts. Warm water over low heat. Check oil with thermometer to ensure oil doesn't go above 165 degrees Fahrenheit or THC, the psychoactive ingredient, will evaporate. Stir occasionally. Use a flame tamer or turn heat off to keep oil from overheating. Hold at 150 degrees for an hour or so. Allow to cool.

3. Strain oil through fine stainless steel mesh strainer. When cool press oil out of cannabis with your thumb. Pour back into bottle using a funnel. Keep out of sun for storage or place in Miron glass.

4. Ready to use. Start with 1/2 Tablespoon to see how you react, if you get no effect don't take more. Next time try 1 Tablespoon and see how that goes. You need to find your correct dosage. Edibles can build over a few hours so be patient and cautious. Taking too much is not fun.