3.5 pounds bones, preferably grass fed beef or lamb

Roast the bones at 350 degrees for 1 hour, this will give the broth a nice flavor. Do not roast marrow bones or the marrow will melt away and won't make it into your broth. Best bets are split bones like a  femur or knuckle and neck bones for beef, all bones for lamb (my personal favorite is a combo of the two).

I get them at the Cabrillo Farmer's Market or from the freezer section at New Leaf or Staff of Life. Whole Foods has them too.  These places also sell bone broth already prepared at $15 for a 3/4quart. This recipe will make about 5 quarts and cost 20-25$ for grass fed bones with an abundance of minerals. Lamb bones are cheaper at $2.30 a pound.

After roasting place the bones in a 6-7 quart pot. I use a 7 quart crockpot. The problem with crockpots is that many of them have lead in the ceramic insert. I use a Hamilton Beach which is said to be lead free. Check to see if your brand is lead free or use a glazed metal pot. The second problem with crockpots is the newer models are too hot. I put ceramic bowls between the ceramic insert and the heating element to keep the temp low at around 140 degrees. That means setting the crockpot on as low a setting as you have, on mine that is Keep Warm. I check with a thermometer to make sure it stays at 140. Don't sweat it if you get it up to 160 sometimes it's hard to keep it low if you don't have enough bones.

Add enough water to cover the bones and most importantly add 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar. The acidity of the vinegar will help pull the minerals out of the bones and into the broth.  Adding a few black peppercorns will make the nutrients in the broth more bioavailable.

Let it simmer at 140 for about 24 hours, skimming of any foam that forms. For the last four hours add some veggies. I like to season mine like Vietnamese Pho. I roast a split onion and a three inch piece of ginger at 350 degrees for an hour. After cooling I cut these into pieces and add to the broth along with a couple of star anise pods, a clove, a pod of black cardamom and a piece of cinnamon. I also add a tablespoon of sea salt or more to taste and one ounce of palm sugar or two ounces of brown sugar and a teaspoon of ground white pepper. I also like to add a few tablespoon of fish sauce for a little more umami flavor to taste.

Or if you prefer just add some carrots, celery and onion to keep it simple and salt it to taste. 

Then ladle it into a bowl with a lip for pouring and pour it into jars through a fine sieve to remove any solids floating around. Leave at least an inch of room at the top of the jar as the broth will expand as it freezes and shatter your glass jars if you overfill them. Let the jars cool thoroughly before putting them in the freezer or that might shatter them too. I use 1 qt. Mason jars.

This recipe makes about 5 quarts fo bone broth. I drink about a half cup first thing in the morning,  I like a warm bowl to start my day. I have a small bowl dedicated to broth.

If you prefer you could just make a bland bone broth and add it to a smoothie if that is your thing. However you use it be sure to shake well up before using.


Lamb bones and beef bone from chuck, it is fine if they are frozen when you start roasting. 




Roasted bones



I put these olive boats between crock pot and the insert to keep it from getting too warm. Max is lurking in wait of the meat I'll take off the bones later. Good dog food. The broth will benefit the dogs too.




Add the vinegar and black pepper, cover for water and let it go 24 hours. 

 Drain bones in colander

Drain bones in colander


Pour in jars


The finished product. 


My little broth bowl.